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11 October 2010 @ 05:43 pm
93. Demon  

Finally, I am not buried under assessment. I still have about 4 exams left and a presentation on the Philosophy of Education ( ;A; ) due tomorrow which I am going to start after I post this entry. As for what I have been up to, I really can't say. It's all a blur lol. For my holidays I was stuck at my parents place for the whole week. I do love my family but I can only handle them for so long without an argument... my father told me and I quote "I am your father and you must do as I say" for fucks sake I'm 19yrs old, I hate when he thinks he has the right to control what I do. And what is the most stupid thing was he said that because I was going to the doctors and my father wanted me to go to a natural therapy doctor instead. I think I have the right to choose, however my father doesn't see it that way. As for my mother, she always tells me more than I need to here or should be expected to deal with, like mum just casually told me my dad had an affair when I was young and he was going to leave us and that she saw him growing pot a few months ago. Jesus, how am I meant to deal with that? (Though I knew since I was little that he did weed) I am not her friend that she can talk to about stuff like that, I am her daughter. I am so tired from having to act mature but remain a child. I am so tired from it. But I do love them very much, and would never change them but sometimes I wonder if they understand just what they are putting me through. 

(Oh if you are wondering what is with the horns in the picture, I am making a demon costume :D)

Ok, on to some shopping, I took the photos from my PoupeeGirl account which it why I took the photos like that.

Pretty eyelashes since M.A.C ones have seen their last days.

M.A.C eye makeup~ I am very happy with these products.

Victorian maiden Coat: Love love love this~ I wore it today and it's so warm and really elegant cut. I felt so lovely in it♥
Alice and the Pirate JSK: I have wanted this for ages, finally have it :D

R-Series blouse - my first off-brand lolita item and I love it~ It is a really light material which is perfect for Australian weather :D

I did buy other things..but I am too lazy to add them lol.

I also posted on Daliy Lolita  right here because I felt a little lolita-less with all my assignments D:
So now I am going to be studious and go write my speech.

Sarahsarahmcrmy on October 18th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
My dad can get like that too. It's so stressful/annoying! i wish they'd realize that we're old enough to make our own decisions and if that means making a mistake, whatever! It's our lives let us live how we want. /end speech haha :)
Cute lashes! Oh man, I'm a freak for Mac cosmetics too. I could easily spend two paychecks there in less that an hour. xD
Kaarina Nieminenkaachan on October 20th, 2010 11:06 am (UTC)
Yeah it gets really annoying considering I live by myself and only see them maybe every month or so but still he expects to make my decisions to the point where he has to know what I eat everyday... sigh, I guess that's just parents right?

Oh god, how convincing are the sale people though. I always walk out with a lot more than I intended to buy or really should buy but they distract me with the shininess EVERYTIME;//////;
My makeup bag consist of about 90% M.A.C products >.