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Kaarina Nieminen
19 August 2010 @ 05:28 pm

Just posting to say that yes I am still living... well what isconsidered to be "living"
Unfortunately my life is a little chaotic at the moment. I moved into my new place and no I didn't get the place I was talking about before. I goy a text a couple of days before my contract ended saying that she wanted someone else to live there, personally I think she didn't like me because of the way I dress too much black. I kind of figured by the way she reacted to me but despite the large amount of stress and panic and sleepless nights that caused me it turned out for the better. I found a place 10x better and cheaper too. I now live in a fairly large fully furnished granny flat to myself with kitchen, lounge room, bathroom, laundary and bedroom (which is three times as big as my old room) with a queen sized bed so I am seriously chuffed about that :D The only downside is that I had no internet till next week which is murder on my schooling and social life D:

Also without realizing it I have a butt load of assessment to do...like right now I'm meant to be writing a essay that is due tomorrow and have currently written 250 words out of 1500 :D I do have tons to post about but I am dying under university stress so that will have to wait until next week....maybe....hopefully
Kaarina Nieminen
24 July 2010 @ 06:49 pm

I got an industrial piercing :D It was a spontaneous decision. I was at a lecture talking to a friend and I said I wanted to get one done and at the time I was feeling frustrated and unsettled about many things so was like "Hey I should go get it done after this lecture" so I did. And yes it did hurt, not the most painful thing ever but it still hurt. It's more of a unpleasant feeling than anything. When she pushed the bar through the second time it hurt a lot more though just enough to make me wince. Only after I got in done did I find out how problematic they can be and that they take 6-12 months to heal :D haha I guess that what you get for being spontaneous. But I don't regret it. AT ALL. Although I'm just worried about my parents finding out since my parent feel extremely strongly about piercing even when I got my ears pierced. So that's just an argurment waiting to happen. But I still want more done and I have to save up for my tattoo my parents will just have to deal with it.

I feel like I'm finally doing things for me. Not focusing so much on what my parents expect/approve. Like I can finally be myself, on the outside not just inside. It's quite a liberating feeling :D

Outings, Shopping and Gifts♥Collapse )

And on wednesday I saw Louise for the last time till chirstmas ;____; I missed having her around. Not matter how much she jokes about getting free of me :D Went cafe crawling, a poplur past time of ours. Heres a coulpe of photos since most are on facebook.

Susy and me.

More photosCollapse )

Also I think I found a place to live. It's not an apartment. It like a renovated shed on the back of a family's house but it cheap and only 20mins by train from the city. Though it's going be weird not living in the CBD but cheaper and finally I will be able to save money :D. I don't mind living in a shed thing since I spend most of my time in my room anyway. Only thing is that I have to walk outside to take a shower or bath or use the toliet but it's still my own bathroom so yeah. I'm a Aussie bush kid so it's not a issue for me :D

Ahh I must get ready now 'cause I'm going to susy's (just down the hall from my apartment) for a Black Books night♥ Because it my all time favourite show. So I'm armed with chocolate so I must be off :D

Current Music: Wednesday 13 - The ghost of Vincent Price
Kaarina Nieminen
19 July 2010 @ 04:21 pm

Z O M B I E   P A R T Y
Part 1: Public
Part 2: Friends Only
I'm doing two post because the party was too epic to keep friends only but I still have private matters about the party/after math I want to rant about to my friends list :D so cleverly I decide to divide it up. genius

Part One
So during the day I went the movies with my mother then I went to Louise's house (YES SHE IS BACK MY SYDENY :DDDD) to get ready. And being the brilliant person I am I left half my stuff at my apartment :| Including red water colour I was going to use as fake blood. I didn't really have an outfit planned so I just wore the dress I dyed before so that it didn't matter if I got fake blood/alcohol/godonlyknows on it. As for my makeup... well I didn't really know what happened there. Got black eyeshadow and went kind of crazy with louise standing over my shoulder say "put more on, more!" while louise's mother had fun covering her in red paint :D

We got into town a little early but I needed to go to the bottle shop first anyway. But the party was great! No gate crashers, I had a good level of alcohol in my system that I was having a good time but not doing anything embarrassing :D and I got to talk to friends. Though the cops did turn up, but that was really funny :B And not every one was dressed up D: which was a bit disappointing. I spend most of the night talking dancing like a loony (really, there is not better way) and taking photos.

And it begins


Oh yeah the cops ended up coming over because of noise etc while me and louise were in the kitchen and one of the guys at the party was eating out of a bakebean can and the cop was like "You got the munchys there, mate?" I couldn't stop laughing and then he was talking to josh who was apoligizing was like "Don't worry, if I wasn't working I'd be here partying too, in fact I would be that girl passed out on the couch" he gave Josh a pat on the belly and went and Josh face light up and started yelling "THAT POLICEMAN WAS SO COOL, HE GAVE ME A BELLY RUB!" I had tears in my eyes from laughing. After the cops left The party died so me and louise looking for a place to crash went running around the town at 3 in the morning (So much running my legs still hurt), went to kens house at 5 went to slept and then woke up at 7. Went down the coast and had a movie night. After all that I was late for my lecture today :D joy.
Kaarina Nieminen
16 July 2010 @ 06:44 pm

Sorry for being so dead D: But I have been sick. It was awful since it was my birthday ;___; I got sick last Sunday and felt like crap so on Thursday I went back to parents place so they could look after me :D There is nothing like parents when your all snifflely and icky haha. So on Friday was my 19th birthday. I'm not sure if I like the sound of 19 hahaa. And being lovely sick I woke up and my dad made me breakfast and coffee and I watched Psych ( ♥ that show) then fell asleep again. Woke up, read magazines (mostly KERA, Popteen, and Gothic Beauty) then painted. My mum came home from work at noon and we had soup and cake. I blew out 19 candles while not being able to finish a sentence without coughing. Totally proud. Then ate chocolate, probably not to0 good though. Mum went back to work after that (She looks after Mrs Misako as a carer at night) and me and dad watched antiques road show (it's of our thing :D). So despite being sick I had a good birthday

Presents and 1 outfitCollapse )

Besides that there is Zombie Party I'm going to and then a bush walk and then movie night at Louise CAUSE SHE IS UP FROM SYDENY :D HELLYEAH
also going to the movies tomorrow so I will have more to post after the weekend and no more sicky sicky non-discript post. Then on monday I have classes ;____; no fun and I still haven't found a new place though I do have a place I want to look at.  I do have more to write about---but---- I'm sleepy again

No contacts, so yes, that's my natural eye colour
Kaarina Nieminen
04 July 2010 @ 03:36 pm

So I have been really enjoying my holidays! :D I hadn't realized just how stressed and exhausted university had made me. I spend last weekend at my parents place, sitting by the fire :3 And I did a bit of painting because I was talking to my friend a couple of weeks ago and she asked me what artwork have I done and I realized I haven't done any D: I was never in the mood either. I also dyed a dress that I bought a few years ago and never wore because the colour didn't suit me. I wanted to dye it black but it didn't quite happen...
The dress and paintingCollapse )

On Friday I did my normal lunch with Susy. We went to a burger place in Westend and I had chicken and camembert :D yum then had icecream even though it's winter and freaking freezing. Walked around for a bit then went back to the apartment. Later I got a text from Mia who wanted to go latenight shopping so I went back into the city. It was ok, but I was so tired I just followed her around. I did buy a few things :D then a 10pm I meet up with susy again and we went to watch Get Him to the Greek at the movies. Omg I couldn't stop laugh, epically the "stroke the furry wall" part XD though I found some things not very funny and just plain gross! Then yesterday at 12 I met up with Susy again and we went birthday shopping ;W; which was really nice. First we went the valley to go to Voodoo Lulu (the gothic clothing store I mentioned before) but the valley markets were on so we went and looked at that. There was a Lolita stall too, so I got to see bodyline clothing in person and honestly I don't get what all the drama is about, they look fine and I would wear it and I only own brand lolita!♥ So I think I will order from them soon~ After that we went to Voodoo Lulu♥ Susy felt a little awkward going in there because of her clothes/style etc but a lot of people just go in to look anyway so it wasn't a big deal. I had the worst trouble picking one pair of shoes to buy, I WANTED THEM ALLLL :D Definitely going back as soon as I have more money :D And the store had rows and rows of corsets and I'm really tempted to get one♥ what I'll do with it, no idea.

Later we went and had lunch and headed back to the city. One of the shop attendants notice my wallet (Tim Burton
♥) and told me she flew down to Melbourne to go the exhibition and he waved at her at the signing D: I was jealous! If Tim Burton waved at me I could die a happy women :D. Did more shopping and then went to Westend to the Three Monkeys cafe for afternoon tea and cake. Honestly I had a AMAZING day, and I really need it too. It was nice to just talk for hours, about everything! :D But anyway on to what I bought

Lots of pretty things~♥Collapse )

And because I have been going out a lot recently, outfits!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Collapse )

Sorry for the extra long post D: lol